Essay #2: Publishing and the Art of Creation

People create for various reasons; as an outlet, a method of preaching, a means of making money. Publication is one of the many creatives that can open to the general public and niche publics. The art of publication starts with the idea of creating a conversation, one that could address anyone or someone specific. Creating a website where one could find the details of a fashion show or the next best closet essential, was the goal. When beginning to create an online presence, there were quite a few things going through my head. How I wanted to be perceived, who I wanted attract as an audience, and what content I would be creating.


When focusing on content, there was a few things I knew I wanted or did not want to incorporate in my site. I knew that I wanted to keep the site casual instead of being informative. I realy wanted to personalize and just have fun with it. The atmosphere I was going for was a relaxed and almost as though it is just people with an interest in fashion nerding out. You may be able to tell from my posts that it is just where I discuss my favourite outfits from shows or things I’ve purchased recently. In terms of the writing for my content, I wanted to keep it to minimal paragrpahs because I was not going for a reading heavy site. I stuck to images and collages in most of my posts keeping it brief and exciting. I figured if anyone wanted to discuss further, they were always open to in the comments. I planned for my site to center around fashion content and such an industry surrounds content hence why I was able to provide various styles of posts. The fashion blog, agrees that “…fashion, as any other industry, is content-driven. The reason for that lies in the human desire to not only listen to stories but also to participate in them.” I think a lot of my content focuses on opinionated topics which allows my audience to participate and interact with my site.


Design is essential for a successful website, it simply is what attracts an audience the moment they approach your blog. Your site makes a first impression with the design and is a make or break for your audience to keep going or not. The content and overall theme of your site should meet a commonground with your design and editing genre. I wanted to reflect the fashion industry on my website and the products of the industry. If we look at the industry, each and every component from design to products to those wearing the products is crafted carefully. Louderthanten claims that “The products we work on are meticulously monitored, optimized, tracked, and tweaked, more than any other medium and during any other time in history. ” Essentially, if we break down a product, in my case my website, there is an excessive amount of details to look into. People buy the product based on the look and the content, but more importantly how it is advertized. stated that the “…job of putting together a fashion label’s products, brand messaging and the lifestyle they’re trying to sell to form a distinct brand identity…” An aesthetic is what some buy and for those they look into the design aspects. I wanted to ensure my design was chic and minimal as the contant was on a broader side. The content varying greatly would become complicated with an excessive design. Hence having a minimal design allows my audience to guide through my site with ease.

Looking Forward

As I move on from this semester, I am not too sure I will come back to this website. Although I believe this website could bring me further opurtunities hence why I will keep it up. Throughout the semester, there was a substantial amount of learning I did in terms of myself and creating content. Google Analytics was an interesting add as it allowed me to understand my audience in the real time. Even creating Menus and sub-Menus was a learning experience that took me many tries to get right. Overall, creating a website goes beyond just content there are many cosndierable features as well as the process behind it all. Learning about publics and cyberinfrastructures ties it all together. I deem my website successful in terms of creating content that I know as a viewer I would enjoy hence those connecting under the same opinions or ideas may enjoy.


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Process Post #12: Creating Community Guidelines

Community guidelines are essential for a peaceful and friendly website. My goal is to create a safe space for anyone interested in the slightest in fashion. This is why I emphasize fair treatment for all. In terms of the fashion industry, there are many who shame others for their opinions such as likes and dislikes, such behavior is not accepted here. Due to the fashion industry’s ridiculous body standards, any sort of body-shaming comments will not be tolerated either.

Archived by Khrshd’s Community Guidelines

  • Comments are always welcome (I will take negative comments as a compliment)
  • No hate speech
  • Respect everyone and their opinions
  • Opinions are encouraged

Please allow those with an interest to interact in peace and kindness. 🙂

– Aliya H., Owner

Process Post #11: Incorporating Transmedia

In order to increase a site’s audience, it’s important to consider what outlets generate said increase. Platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube have been on the rise for raking in followers. One platform leads to another generating a greater following and this allows a creator to branch out opening up to greater opportunities. The downside of branching out can be the lack of personal space and demand for content.

I plan to create sneak peeks for my blog posts that I can tease on my social media that way I can direct the audience from social media to my blog posts. This will intrigue those I know and those interested in topics relating to fashion.

Peer Review # 3: “Stranger in Vancouver”

Lifestyle blogs, YouTube channels, etc. tend to be one of my favorite genres when it comes to content. I find it so relaxing to learn about someone’s day in a creative way. Lauren’s blog Stranger in Vancouver is the perfect mix between a casual and travel lifestyle blog. I think Lauren markets her website very well because it is very clear to see the audience she caters to. Focusing on newcomers or even those born here looking to find more about Vancouver. As someone who was raised entirely in Vancouver, there is very little I know about the city.

The overall design is simple and follows almost a journal-like theme. One particular feature I enjoy is the “current song” feature in the top left corner. Her blog follows a lifestyle and having such a feature increases the personal feel of the blog. This makes the audience more connected to Lauren which encourages the lifestyle/casual feel.

I really enjoyed Lauren’s post The best Sushi restaurant in Vancouver because not only do I enjoy eating sushi, I enjoy finding new places to try! The design features countless images depicting the mood of the restaurant promoting her audience to said restaurant. Lauren creates a setting in which her audience can relate and while her design is light, her content is rich with content.

Content such as investing, resume building, and mental health are provided on Lauren’s site. Such content can cater to international students as advice and information. Lauren’s blog can inform others looking to study abroad proving that her experience as an international student in Vancouver is shown through her blog.

Lauren incorporates lifestyle very well capturing her intended audience especially with her post Your mental health is the matter! Mental health is as relevant as it can be today and connecting mental health with the international students visiting Vancouver. The students may face loneliness, anxiety, or even depression when staying on their own. It may grow stressful to learn on their, hence why Ibelieve Lauren’s blog is strongly assisting newcomers into adjusting and growing to like the city.

I wish Lauren could have organized the site a little bit neater simply because the menus and drop downs could be placed better as the direction of the site can get a bit confusing. Besides that point I find that Lauren’s blog caters very thoroughly to her audience. I would even suggest incorporating international events taking place in the lower mainland or even events in Korean communities.

Nonetheless, Lauren’s blog is a pleasant read, with the link found here.

What inspires me to design?

Image from Pinterest

To be completely honest, a lot of my designs come from boredom and the inability to sleep at 3 AM. Even so, there are multiple factors that drive my design process. I’d say music is a heavy contributor when I’m thinking up concepts. I am also a huge zombie movie fan which probably influences a lot. I typically lean towards Earth tones and practicality, hence why my ideas stem from everyday practices. I think even the simplest ideas can inspire me like the weather or buildings I pass by.

How I want to dress this summer!

These looks do not sum up the entirety of my style for the summer, but some of the pieces and silhouettes I want to try. While I do opt for larger bottoms in the winter/fall, I want to grab a pair of the military over pants in white. I really like the idea of simple baby tees and some light colored pieces. The use of sandals is definitely a style I’m looking forward to! I think I will also opt for larger messenger bags to carry my laptop and chunkier sunglasses. I think subtle layering for the summer is also key! Despite the brighter season I will stick to my Earth tones and I look forward to digging around the thrift stores for items like these!